Private Client Group Overview


At SharpePoint Private Client Group, we help you identify and define the retirement you envision, and develop strategies to help you pursue your life, however you may define it. We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning, creating strategies that incorporate investments, retirement planning, asset and tax management, insurance and estate conversions unique to your own situation.

As we create your unique plan, we learn about your goals, your investment history and risk tolerance. This helps us offer insightful guidance to strategically manage and protect your assets. Once you are satisfied with the plan we propose, we implement your strategy and make adjustments as the financial landscape changes or your priorities or goals evolve over time.  Most importantly, we simplify the demands of managing your wealth to enable you to devote more time to your personal endeavors and your loved ones.

Whether you are in the accumulation phase or have already retired, a sound strategy is critical to helping you meet your retirement income needs, desires and expenses, maintaining lifestyle choices and priorities, ensuring that long-term goals and aspirations are funded for travel, healthcare, estate planning, charitable giving and other goals. 


Legacy Planning & Charitable Giving

Estate Planning

Education Planning

Retirement Planning

Insurance & Risk Management

Investment Management

Strategic Tax Coaching

Advanced Planning Strategies

Investment Philosophy

We provide long and short-term strategies focused on addressing our clients’ financial and life goals—helping to prepare you for both the best of times and the worst of times.

Our team of local investment professionals uses a disciplined wealth management approach—while seeking to achieve clients’ investment goals and expectations.

Our investment philosophy is based on a number of fundamental principles, including conducting exhaustive research on the investments and managers we recommend to our clients.