insurance group Overview


Protecting yourself, loved ones, your home or your business against unexpected events is a fundamental aspect of financial planning.  Closing the gap on potential risks can be tricky without a comprehensive plan and process that methodically evaluates all potential risk factors.

At SharpePoint, risk analysis is an integral part of our ongoing process. We continually identify and analyze all risk factors and make objective recommendations to provide you with the peace of mind you seek. Our team of professionals has relationships with numerous insurance companies to cover your life insurance, long-term care, and disability insurance needs.  Additionally, we specialize in income distribution planning with the use of Fixed, Indexed, and Deferred Income Annuities.

With our aging population, long-term care insurance is at the forefront of many of our clients' minds. Many factors go into the decision of whether or not to buy long term care insurance, and our experienced team assist client's with the decision making process as well as the best fit for their lifestyle.